Engineering in industry and nonmetallic mining

Our area is led by Mr. Hugo Barrientos, Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience, first engineering firms , construction and assembly as Sigdo Koppers SA for 10 years , project management for 9 years at Unilever , subsequently initiating independent advice to productive enterprises , as well as small non-metallic mining , among which we can mention the development and support of project management in Soprole industries with installation your plant margarine ; DyS with installing an ice cream plant their own brand ; Cial Food (San Jorge ) with a project valuation of assets; AGROSUPER SKEcología through with a project evaluation of digesters for electricity generation not GENC conventional and in the area of ​​small non-metallic mining , project development for plant construction lithium. The company has the support of various professional experience in their areas, they will face the requirements and needs of the projects that your company requires development , providing the support required in developing the field of engineering , procurement and contracts. Our mission is to provide technical support for productive enterprises require the development of new non-traditional projects in their productive performance , which generally do not have the professionals needed for the full and proper implementation of expansion projects , new facilities, new production lines etc. . From the initial gestation , economic technical evaluation , to the full implementation and commissioning.